Lip Art 3D: Lip Artist Game for Girls


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Play this fun and exciting Makeup and Lip Art 3D game (Lip Artist Game for Girls).

Currently, most girls spend the majority of their time applying lip balm and lipstick in order to make their lips look luscious and attractive.

We found it oddly satisfying to apply all those cosmetic products to our lips.

We created the Lip Artist Games for Girls for their relaxation and enjoyment.

Because this is a casual game that allows you to pick hundreds of lipsticks to create amazing lip art now. And become an amazing lip artist by playing this game.

As you all know, the best games for girls are makeup games.

Because perfect makeup games and lip paint with some crazy lipstick game designs make their lips more attractive and they can make it more perfect and unlock more glorious lip art with this super salon perfect lip art app.

Because this perfect Satisfying lip art gloss ASMR game has a customized lipstick design with a variety of lips colors.

So, make your own lip art designs with unique and addictive colors and rhinestones.

GAMEPLAY: We will provide you with an art piece.

It is your job to match the lips on the decorated piece.

The perfect match will earn you good points and a satisfied customer,

otherwise you will lose a few points and create a negative experience.


Satisfying lip art gloss ASMR gameplay

Stylish lip arts and lips decorations

Variety of lips colors & lipstick design

As compared to other lip art games, this lipstick game is now top trending.

In lip art 3D games, you must first start with gloss in order to proceed to the lipstick game.

In these new games for girls, learn new lipstick training special designs and add cute lip art fashion accessories to your day.

Have fun playing this most satisfying lips game out there!


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