Yes or No Food Challenge Prank


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Yes or No is a food challenge fun game with a girlfriend on the date. This food challenge game is a prank game to become a prank master. You offer one delicious and one disgusting rotten food to a blindfolded girlfriend. If she randomly chooses the wrong food, you will be a prank master. If she chooses the right food, she will enjoy and dance.

“Oraculo si o no” girl is maybe your friend.

Food games are fun games, but this food game is fun because it is a prank game. Such “yes or no” food prank games can increase the decision-making ability of friends. This “yes or no game” is like a “yes or no tarot game” because foods are used like cards to check decision-making talent.

Now prank the girl, enjoy impressions of laughing girl and sometimes disappointed face. This “Yes or No” game is the wheel of fortune to test your luck.

Now install the “Yes or No food challenge game” and enjoy this guessing game.

If you enjoy our “Yes or No Food Challenge Game” give us five stars. Otherwise, your suggestions are welcome to improve the game.

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