Popit Fidget pack ASMR poppet




it is time to sit down, relax and unwind your thoughts as you attempt idle earning in one of the most satisfying upgrade games.In this hyper casual pop maker game,
your goal is to create your own pop it fidget and tap tap to make idle earning. Idle pop-it maker is an ASMR money simulator game to become a tycoon in pop toy making.
Complete your fidget toy by tapping the install button.
Different types of pops build your pop maker. Try Pop-It Fidget Maker ASMR Games now!

ASMR Satisfaction Money Simulator

ASMR is an ideal technique which helps in releasing stress relieving hormones in anyone’s brain.
ASMR is a scientifically proven technique to get rid of stress and anxiety in most people.
All of us are guilty of taking pleasure from bubble wrap pop.

Relaxing Pop Fidget Toys
Different ASMR sounds of idle pops will stimulate you to tap the bubble wrap to pop out money.
Even these ASMR sounds will generate a musical rhythm.
Idle pop maker tycoon game is a unique idea in the upgrade games category.
Your success in this idle clicker tycoon game depends upon your quick action of tap tap.
The faster you can tap on the fidget toy, the more money you can earn from it.

For the Fans of Idle Clicker Tycoon

Do you love idle money making upgrade games?
The money simulator game is ideal for those who want to spend a quality brain time relieving their frustration, stress and anxiety in a safe and harmless way.
Tap tap to pop the bubble wrap like buttons as fast as you can to earn money.

Perfect Anti Stress Boredom Killer

You will never get tired of this pop fidget game.
Don’t miss out on the magic of the most exciting yet relaxing upgrade games of all time.
Out of all relaxing games, this fidget toys game is the best one that you will definitely love!

Features of Pop-It Fidget pack ASMR poppet

  • Simple and easy upgrade games UI/UX
  • Upgrade your pop fidget toys to increase pop-it earning.
  • Different pop it ASMR sounds.
  • Idle earning mechanism.
  • Different types of pops available.
  • Hyper casual boredom killer money simulator
  • The game gallery contains different pop it toys like cats, heart and hexagon.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and play Pop-It Fidget pack ASMR poppet today!


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