Lips Art! Make Perfect Lips

lip art

Make your lips gorgeous Impressive with lipstick gloss & glitter at Makeup salon

We all care for our lips and lips are the most important part of the face. Girls today spend most of their time applying lip balm and lipstick in order to make their lips more attractive and so much stylish. We found this oddly satisfying activity to apply all those cosmetics to lips. We decided to make a relaxing and satisfying lips art game for you.

Lips Art! Make Perfect Lips, make your lips gorgeous Impressive with lipstick gloss & glitter at your perfect Makeup salon. Hurry and start applying all those cosmetics to make perfect lips.
Decorating lips is the most important job in Makeup salons. Satisfying customers is very hard because the first thing girls will notice their beautiful lips.


You will be provided with an art piece, your job is to match lips with the one you’re decorated piece. If it is a perfect match, you will be rewarded with good points and a satisfied customer else you will lose a few points and a loyal customer.

satisfying ASMR gameplay
stylish lip arts and lips decorations

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